How to fully automate validation of the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud

A 20-minute on-demand webinar

With the influx of new and emerging compliance requirements for the pharmaceutical supply chain, companies face the challenge of managing and validating more frequent software updates—resulting in manual, labor-intensive, paper-based procedures and a drain on staff resources. Companies that do not have in-house expertise must outsource validation and absorb the high cost of the entire process.

This on-demand webinar outlines how TraceLink Automated Validation Manager (AVM) automates the entire validation life cycle of the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why you should keep your software in a continuous state of validation.
  • When AVM tests will run, and how it works.
  • What’s included to automate all your PQ/UAT with every release.

TraceLink Presenters:

Dan Walles, VP Global Solutions
Dan educates customers on using the Life Sciences Cloud to enable compliance. Dan has more than 15 years in the life sciences field, working to identify business enhancements through better architecture and supply chain visibility.

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Lisa Reinhold, VP Customer & Network Success
Lisa is responsible for understanding the business needs of TraceLink customers and ensuring their long-term success. She has worked with hundreds of companies on validation issues, and that experience has informed the development of AVM.