Supply Chain Issue Management Preview

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Watch this video to see the new technology that is enabling supply chain teams to better manage issues like late shipments, material shortages, and demand increases.

Supply Chain Issue Management provides a structured collaboration platform for cross company and cross enterprise teams to accelerate the incident resolution process, reduce recurring issues, and realize dramatic improvements in supply chain performance.

With Agile Process Teams for Supply Chain Issue Management companies can improve supply chain visibility, agility, and resilience—and avoid the supply network disruptions that prevent on time, in full product delivery. Customers have seen dramatic benefits:

  • A 35% reduction in supplier incidents.
  • A 65% reduction in time to resolve supplier incidents.
  • A 50% reduction in repeat deviations.
  • A 97% reduction in manufacturing disruptions.
  • A 96% reduction in defects per million.
  • An 82% improvement in delivery performance.

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