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Rethinking Supplier Management: How New Digital Technologies are Boosting the Performance, Quality, and Resilience of Pharma Supply Networks

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Reduce supplier defects by 96%.
Improve delivery performance by 82%.
Lower repeat deviations by 50%.

To get massive improvements in supplier performance you must re-imagine how to get things done when the unexpected hits: material shortages, forecast & production changes, material defects, missing documentation, shipping delays, ...

Read this eBook to learn how companies are leveraging digital technology to:

  • Get better visibility into active threats occurring in their supply network.
  • Monitor the progress of critical issues as they are being resolved.
  • Create virtual teams to ensure the right people are working on the issue.
  • Analyze trends, spot recurring issues, and take corrective action to avoid issues in the future.
  • Transform supplier performance with visibility, data, and clear accountability.

We are living in the age of disruption. You need a better way to get things done when dealing with the unexpected. You need to build agility and resilience in your supply chain. Read this eBook to learn how.