Webinar: Tuesday, August 06, 2024 - 11 a.m. EDT

Enhance Pharmacy Inventory Management by Operationalizing DSCSA Compliance & Reverse Logistics

A Collaboration Between TraceLink, Tecsys, and PharmaLink


Dan Walles
General Manager of Track & Trace/Compliance,
Jim Shriner,
Director of Sales,

Valerie Bandy,
Senior Director Pharmacy Solutions,

The end of the DSCSA stabilization period in November 2024 will require pharmacies to implement new processes for compliance, intensifying demands on skilled pharmacy staff.

Operationalizing DSCSA workflows and improving enterprise system integration is key to minimizing pharmacy disruption from DSCSA and enhancing core operational processes. This webinar explores how to use serialized product data made available through DSCSA to revolutionize inventory management, product recalls, reverse logistics, and more.

Join TraceLink, Tecsys, and PharmaLink, the leaders in DSCSA compliance, pharmacy inventory management, and reverse logistics, and discover how their innovative solutions can boost your operating margins and keep patients safe. You’ll learn how to:

  • Gain visibility into serialized inventory across the entire pharmacy or health system.
  • Maximize returns credits from expiring product by leveraging digital expiry and lot data.
  • Automate recalled product identification through targeted, item-level digital notifications.
  • Expedite reverse logistics processes and increase return credit revenue.
  • Simplify management of mixed 340B/non-340B inventory across the health system.

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